Announcing a festive delivery for our members...

This year, we’re bringing a touch of festive cheer to our incredible members, as a reward for their amazing hard work.
Anthony Beilin
Chief Executive and Co-Founder
Collective Benefits

The holiday season is officially here. It’s an exciting time, but one we know can be especially tough for our members, who work incredibly hard to make the festive season special: delivering our presents, doing up our homes, and bringing festive food right to our tables.

And with many shops shut and people reluctant to leave their homes, our members’ efforts this December will be more essential than ever.

That’s why, this winter, we want to give something back. We’ve teamed up with our friends at Gophr, Stuart, TaskRabbit, Laundryheap, Urb-it and Green Tomato Cars to bring their workers a festive season they'll never forget through our 12 Days of Giftmas Giveaway!

What is Giftmas?

Every day, for the first 12 days of December, we're running big prize draws for all these independent workers, with dozens of gifts to be won. These gifts have been specially selected to make our members' winters warmer, brighter and more merry. There'll be one gift given out on the 1st December, two gifts on the 2nd December, and so on - that comes to 78 gifts in total!

What prizes are there?

On the first day of Giftmas, one lucky elf got a whole week of Nando's for free.

On the second day of Giftmas, two lucky elves got a free pair of wireless headphones from Bose.

On the third day of Giftmas, three lucky elves got a pair of cycling gloves from Loffi to keep their hands warm this winter.

On the fourth day of Giftmas, four lucky elves got a Quad Lock mount kit to keep their phone in sight on the go.

On the fifth day of Giftmas, five lucky elves got a six-month supply of Biosynergy protein powder to keep them strong.

On the sixth day of Giftmas, six lucky elves got a waterproof cycling bag from Halfords to keep their goodies nice and dry.

On the seventh day of Giftmas, seven lucky elves got a Supercar Driving Day from Virgin Experiences, to start the festive season in style.

On the eighth day of Giftmas, eight lucky elves got a £25 gift card for Amazon, to treat themselves or a loved one.

On the ninth day of Giftmas, nine lucky elves got a Decathlon neck warmer to keep them warm in the cold weather.

On the tenth day of Giftmas, ten lucky elves got a KFC feast to treat themselves to.

On the eleventh day of Giftmas, eleven lucky elves got a free stainless steel Contigo travel mug to keep their drinks hot on the go.

And finally, on the twelfth day of Giftmas, twelve lucky elves got a classic black Adidas hoodie.

Hear from our winners

"I am very grateful to win from a company as good as Stuart and I am pleased to work with you." - Leonardo from Stuart, winner of a week of free Nando's.

"Oh great news! I look forward to my new headphones in the mountains when I can eventually travel to go snowboarding again..." - Matthew from TaskRabbit, winner of a free pair of Bose headphones.

"I am feeling really lucky to be honest because it's the first time that anything like this happened! So pretty happy and excited." - Gulreyz from Stuart, winner of a free pair of Bose headphones.

"Thank you for considering me. I really appreciate it, it'll really help over the winter period." Charly from Laundryheap, winner of a free pair of Loffi gloves.

"I'm honestly surprised that I've won a prize. I was just saying to myself that I needed a good pair of gloves so this is absolutely perfect! Thanks so much" Oryll from Urb-it, winner of a free pair of Loffi gloves.

"Can't believe I've won this prize, I almost bought one for my motorcycle the other day! Brilliant!" - Barnaby from Gophr, winner of a free Quad Lock mount kit.

"Thank you so much! I'm excited that I won this because I don't think I've ever won something before and this is the perfect moment because my phone holder is broken!" - Andrei from Stuart, winner of a free Quad Lock mount kit.

"I am ecstatic about winning this prize, it made my day! Coincidentally I was planning to change my fitness regime in the new year. This prize seems to be matching my new health and fitness plan. It is definitely a sign! Thank you again and thanks to TaskRabbit for making my day more special!" Nicola from TaskRabbit, winner of a 6-month supply of protein powder from Biosynergy.

"Greatly appreciated. It's great that I've won this - the way things have been these past couple of months, it's nice to get a win." - Sam from Stuart, winner of a 6-month supply of protein powder from Biosynergy.

"I’d like to thank you very much for selecting me to win the protein powder, I feel chuffed that my name was selected from thousands of potential winners." - Aftab from Stuart, winner of a 6-month supply of protein powder from Biosynergy.

"Thank you so much! I very much appreciate you guys have not forgot about us right around Christmas time! Haha I'm quite relatively new with Collective Benefits but I can tell you I'm rating you A1 after this!" Mitch from TaskRabbit, winner of a £25 Amazon gift card.

"Collective Benefits surprise me so much! And yes, it doesn’t matter how difficult times are is now, but small things gives a lot. Big thank you guys! Christmas 🎄 is coming and actually its my first gift 🎁 whoop whoop!!" - Audrius from TaskRabbit, winner of a £25 Amazon gift card.

"Wow, how cool!! I was surprised and very happy to be contemplated. I take this opportunity to thank you and the TaskRabbit team for another year of partnership. I wish you all a 2021 full of achievements." - Daiana from TaskRabbit, winner of a KFC feast.

"I would like to say that I appreciate this! It means a lot to me and all the hard work I’ve done is worth! Thanks for show me that we are not just a number!" - Monik from Stuart, winner of an Adidas hoodie.

"I’m surprised and delighted that I’ve won. I love Adidas and the hoodie will come in handy when Urbing in this cold weather." - Benjamin from Urb-it, winner of an Adidas hoodie.

"Thank you so much for this prize, feeling lucky, thanks. I'd really appreciate the jumper. Thanks a lot to Stuart for being a steady company all along this journey, with this jumper I'll train even harder, keep up the good work." - Luca from Stuart, winner of an Adidas hoodie.

December 1, 2020