Independent workers, making their kids proud

Independent workers, making their kids proud

We recently ran a competition for our members' children, asking them to draw their parents out and about as an independent worker. Take a look below to see what they sent in...
Rachael Stephenson
Marketing, Community and Engagement
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This Father's Day, we're challenged our members' children to draw them out and about working, and we got some beautiful results.

Take a look below to see our top picks from the competition!

Entry from Arslan
Entry from Sajid
Entry from Magic
Entry from Robert
Entry from Rosa
Entry from Freddy
Entry from Neuver
Our competition winner, from Neel!

We got hundreds of incredible entries but loved Sera's beautiful drawing, and Neel's explanation about what it means to him.

"Every day while am going for my delivery job, my daughter used to stand in the front of house door to say bye. She believes her daddy will come back after his job soon and bring her a gift in his delivery bag. Here the eye contacts speaks all the stories!"
- Neel

Thank you to all our incredible entries. They showed so much love and pride, and made us at Collective prouder than ever to be supporting independent workers!

July 9, 2021