Frequently asked questions

First, please tell us about yourself:
What are your products?
How much does it cost?
Which companies do you work with?
How long does it take to set up a programme?
Will my workers actually use the products?
Is it hard work to manage?
Will my workers actually care about these benefits?
Am I even allowed to provide benefits to my independent workforce?
What if my workers also work through other platforms?
Why are you all so obsessed with David Bowie?
What is Collective Benefits?
Is Collective an insurance company?
What services does Collective offer?
Do I qualify for Collective Benefits?
How do I join Collective?
What are Collective 'protections'?
Am I eligible for Protections?
Are my protections free?
What am I covered for?
When am I covered?
Do I need to activate my cover?
Is there a charge for this cover?
How do I opt out of my protections?
I have questions. What should I do?