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Making a claim against the Collective Public Liability Insurance.
We're sorry to hear that you were involved in an incident. Our public liability insurance covers independent workers if they are legally liable for causing injury or damage to a third party while working for one of our Partners.
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If you believe an individual protected by Collective was at fault for an incident resulting in property damage or injury, please use the form below to submit key information regarding the incident.

The information provided will be used to accelerate the claims process. Once submitted, a claims handler will be in touch as quickly as possible to process your claim.

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Collective Benefits will fairly and lawfully collect and record personal information that is supplied within and as a result of this form. We shall share information with insurers, and their agents, to both fairly process your claim, and help detect and prevent fraudulent claims. In order to process your claim we require your consent to process information in this way.

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