Insurance and rewards built for flexible work

Finally, an all-in-one solution for pay-as-you-go insurance and rewards.  

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Insurance and benefits built for independent workers.

Until now, doing the right thing has been difficult. Insurance and benefits for independent workers have been scattered, unsuitable, and hard work to manage and measure.

Not anymore.

Sector specialists.

We’ve rebuilt insurance and benefits from scratch with independent workers in mind.

Fully flexible.

Pick and choose the protections you want, at a price that works for you.

Super simple.

We’ve brought everything together with a world-class platform, claims and engagement, to make everything easy for you and your workers.

Find the right fit for your workforce

We’re out to protect independent workers’ physical, financial and mental wellbeing, with benefits that actually matter to them. 

Take a look to see which protections you could put in place for your workers, from sick pay and accident cover to physio, mental health support and more.

Accident & Injury Cover
Our accident cover has been created with your workers in mind. It’s fully flexible and available by the hour, on-shift or 24/7. Find out what makes it special.
Sick Pay & Income Protection
Expand your workers’ safety net with a range of essential protections, from sick pay and critical injury cover to family and compassionate leave.
Public Liability Insurance
Pay by the hour to protect your workers, and your reputation, with public liability insurance. See the details here.
Rider Protection
For mobility & logistics: bespoke protections designed for your vertical.
Mental Health Support
Boost your workers’ wellbeing with counselling, emotional support and guidance.
Digital Physio
Diagnosis and treatment for back pain, the number one health concern for independent workers.
Digital GP
Let workers skip the queue with quick online consultations, prescriptions and referrals.
Discounted Gym Membership
Help your workers get fit for less.
Health Insurance
Prioritise your workers’ health with private health insurance, with physio and counselling included.
Healthy workers, physically and mentally.
Deals & Discounts
Savings hand-picked to help your workers save more, from fuel cards and vehicle maintenance, to food on the go and tech.
Professional Development
Language learning, professional courses and coaching to help your workers take their career to the next level.
Financial Wellness
Support your workers’ financial wellbeing with tax advice, savings, pensions and more.
Health & Safety Training
Protect your workers with a stream of videos, tools, quizzes and content to help them stay safe.
Industry leading insurance

Bringing it all together

Of course, every platform has different needs. We can work with you directly to custom-build a programme of protections for your specific aims and budget.

Once we’ve firmed up your programme, our core platform brings everything together in one place. Bank-grade safe and consumer-grade beautiful, it makes things nice and easy for you and your workers.

Still deciding? 

Download our guide to help you build the best benefits programme for your workforce.

  • A step-by-step guide to help you set up a programme from scratch
  • Insights and analysis on which benefits workers actually want
  • A side-by-side comparison of the most popular benefits options, from financial incentives to insurance and perks
  • Download the report to find out which benefits have the biggest return-on-investment and how to get started
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