Pay-as-you-go public liability insurance

Protect your workers and your company if there's an accident and something gets damaged, or someone gets hurt.

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Fully flexible, on-demand public liability insurance.

As a platform where gig workers, freelancers or zero-hour contractors pick up tasks, you need public liability insurance to protect your workers, your company, and your brand from claims.

  • Usage-based policy from £0.10/hour, calculated by the hour: you only pay for when your workers are working on your platform
  • Cover damages and legal fees for every worker up to £1 million.
  • Automatic coverage for all your workers, only while they work for you.
  • Workers can send in a claim from within your platform - no tech integration needed
Why have public liability insurance? 
Protect your workers against damages and legal fees, while they fulfil tasks on your platform, from £0.10/hour
Protection for your workers
If your workers cause an accident, they will be liable for compensation claims.

Be more attractive for workers choosing platforms by offering them public liability insurance. From as little as £0.10/hour that they work for you, you can cover them for compensation and legal fees.
Protection for your brand
If a customer trips on a cable in your premises, if equipment left out by your workers cause an injury, or if during shop fitting, a zero hour contractor damages property, you can be liable for compensation and legal claims.

Ensure your brand has your customers' back by having usage-based public liability cover in place.
Protection for your bottom line
In 2019, £5.9 million was paid out every day in the UK for general liability claims*. Having public liability insurance in place will help you in case damages or fees arise, and will make it easier for your company to attract and retain staff.

If you have self-employed people, zero-hour contractors, or gig economy workers, Collective Benefits is the  public liability insurance that can automatically cover your workers, while they fulfil jobs for you.
*Association of British Insurers, UK Insurance & Long-Term Savings Key Facts February 2021
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What activities do we cover?

It can be difficult to find the right coverage for your business.

Collective Benefits offers flexible insurance that covers people working for you who are not full-time employees.

Driving and warehousing
If you have drivers, stockkeepers, packaging assistant or couriers on the job, any accident they suffer or a customer suffer could land you with legal fees. With our flexible public liability insurance, you only pay for when your contractors work.
Building and construction
Accidents happen - for example, if you run a business fitting shops, and one of your people drop a saw on the floor, that breaks the tiles, you could be liable. We can help figure out the best insurance for you.
Industry and business
If you help businesses succeed, be it by cleaners or e-commerce assistants, you carry confidentiality risks. Let us put your mind at ease.
Public liability for electricians, plumbers, mover, welders, and many more professions. If a customer or employee is injured, or if you have given advice to a customer that cost them money, you could be liable.
Office and admin
Cover your office managers, e-commerce admins, data entry admins in case of injury as a result of working for you.
Leisure and events
You create memories for others. With flexible insurance, you can make sure your builders, waiters, barstaff and members of the public are covered in case of an accident.
Farming and landscaping
Gardeners and landscapers take care of making our environment beautiful. But working on someone else's property always runs the risk of expensive accidents.
Terms, conditions, limitations, and eligibility apply.
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